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“Snow” (Schnee)

Hello! My name is Schnee. I am 12 years old and am a Pomeranian. I am a trained Service Dog, though now retired. I have lived in the USA, Iceland, South America, the UK and now Germany for the second time. I am presently a school dog at the Nettelnburg Elementary School along with my friends Balou, Vicky and Happy. Five times during the week I go on walks with the children from Nettelnburg, Steffi and my owners Lucia and James. I enjoy being a part of the Nettelnburg Family!


P.S. Please excuse my German skills. My owners Lucia and James, only speak English to me. The students have been learning and practicing their English with me and I have to say they are doing an excellent job!


Fiddigshagen 11
21035 Hamburg
Telefon: 040-4288881-0
Telefax: 040-4288881-22
Büro: Mo-Fr 8-13.00 Uhr und
Mo, Di u. Do 14.00-16.00 Uhr


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Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V.
Standortleitung: Delia Tönjes
Stellv. Standortleitung: David Lewerenz
Telefon: 040 71677170
Mobil: 0151 17933538

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